Hey there – I’m Michelle!

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I help entrepreneurs, coaches, healers & artists
get clear on who they are and what they want…

… then create a business, brand + photographs that powerfully embody this vision.

My superpower is being able to really see you. Not the shiny, perfect, all-singing-all-dancing, fake smile you… but the soulful, powerful, raw and beautiful you underneath it all.

Sometimes, we can become incredibly skilled at hiding, people-pleasing and playing small so as not to upset or outshine anyone.

And I get it – standing up for what you believe in, sharing your message and learning to love yourself is SCARY.

But the truth is, we have a job to do. As the entrepreneurs, creatives and thought-leaders of this world, we show others that it’s safe to be visible. That there is power and beauty in being yourself. And that it’s perfectly ok to create a life and business that suits you – even if no-one else ‘gets’ it.

So if you’re READY to step up and shine –
and receive the support you work so hard to give your clients –
I’m here to welcome you with open arms! 🙂

Let’s make some magic together,

Michelle Wildman - Photography for Entrepreneurs, Artists & Therapists