3 Female Entrepreneurs Who Are Kicking Ass With Their Photos!

At times, ‘comparisonitis’ can have less-than-pleasant side effects. But when it comes to gathering inspiration for a photoshoot, I positively recommend it!

Not only can having a good ol’ nose around others’ online homes give you a tonne of ideas for your own brand and photos, but it can also help translate the picture you have locked in your head into something tangible we can work with!

As with so many things in life, working out what you don’t want can be just as helpful as working out what you do, so be sure to take note of pictures that don’t resonate with you as well as those that do.

Great online images rarely come about by accident – they are carefully constructed from a few key elements, such as a sense of energy, great composition, eye-catching colour and authenticity.

Here are three awesome ladies who are totally kicking ass with their imagery right now:


Denise Duffield-Thomas

Denise Duffield Thomas New Photos

I’m already one of Denise’s biggest fans (her Bootcamp has been my no.1 business investment yet – no joke!) but she’s also recently upgraded her image portfolio and I think they really capture not only her personality, but also the essence of her happy go lucky lifestyle!

Making use of whimsical, feminine energy, the beach setting of her photos perfectly encapsulates her hippy-with-an-attitude approach, whilst also hinting at fun, freedom and a relaxed time.

Notice how these images are the perfect combination of ‘storytelling’ and ‘selling’ – they make Denise seem friendly, approachable, and like your best girl mate – whilst also making you feel like ‘I want some of that’ and hooking you in to read more and ultimately purchase from her.

Combined with a vibrant website rebrand and website, these images have really lifted Denise’s online presence and raised her brand image in line with her premium pricing.

URL :: http://luckybitch.com/
Business Name :: Lucky Bitch
Brand Keywords :: Carefree // Relaxed // Friendly // Fun


Gina DeVee

Gina DeVee Photos

It’s no secret that Gina has helped thousands of women around the world with her online and in-person coaching programs… and it’s also no secret that she has positioned her business as high-end – which is perfectly encapsulated by her branding imagery.

Everything about her photos screams luxury; whether it’s the carefully curated objets d’art in her living room, the beautiful clothes, or her assured expression. Gina is a millionaire, but opens the door and invites you into her world through her images, suggesting that you, too, can have what she does.

Careful location and outfit styling, make-up and bespoke locations combine to pack a powerfully elegant punch and uplift Gina and her business in an energy of chic abundance.

URL :: http://www.divineliving.com/
Business Name :: Divine Living
Brand Keywords :: Luxurious // Elegant // Glamourous // Assured


Leonie Dawson

Leonie Dawson Photos

Leonie is like marmite – you either love her or can’t stand the sight of her! And this is something that, I believe, she totally relishes. Some will take a look at the image above and roll their eyes. Others will click that ‘Order Now’ button on impulse.

Rebellious, hippy as hell and honest, Leonie’s imagery reflects her outspoken personality as well as her deep connection to artistic freedom. Colour is a huge theme for her, and is woven throughout her graphics and photos.

Of the three ladies featured here, she is the least ‘posed’, the least ‘perfect’, and the most silly! Leonie doesn’t take herself – or her photos – too seriously, and if you look closely, you’ll see that her portraits have not been retouched for blemishes etc.

There is a wonderful sense of whimsy, freedom and self-expression in Leonie’s photos and an inviting sense of fun – she is simply herself and invites you to join her as yourself.

URL :: http://leoniedawson.com/
Business Name :: Shining Life & Biz Academy
Brand Keywords :: Hippy // Artistic // Vibrant // Rebellious


What this means for us…

On paper, all three of these fabulous ladies do the same thing – make millions through selling online (and occasionally in-person) personal development coaching and programs.

However, their personalities, brands and photos are quite distinct. Whilst Denise’s emphasise her down-to-earth nature and carefree lifestyle, Gina’s feel more exclusive and celebrate the finest things in life. Whilst Gina’s feels aspirational, Leonie’s feels fun-right-now.

Whilst all three have the same core target market, their brand positioning means they will all appeal to quite different women.

So what we can take from this is to remind ourselves of our own originality and voice. When it seems like there are a million other people doing what you do, remember this story and remember that no-one has ever told your story the way you do.

Are you carefree and fun, like Denise? Are you classy and stylish, like Gina? Are you hippy and arty like Leonie? Or are you someone else entirely?

Let’s tell your story, just the way you are. Give me a call. Get in touch. Let’s do this.

With Love,

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