How India Healed Me… & Helped Me Believe I Could Be An Artist, Too

Dream Watermark

Since I started my photography business, I’ve found it almost impossible to identify myself as an ‘artist’.

Serving my clients and creating beautiful business imagery feels delightful, intuitive and safe.

But putting more intimate creative work “out there” – and beginning to believe I could ever been seen as an artist – feels TERRIFYING.

Which is why I know I need to do it 😉

Fear is a great compass.

Bathe Watermark

Last November, I travelled to India during an intensely difficult period of my life. I was exhausted, distraught, and on the verge of losing faith in everything I’d ever believed in.

But the moment I stepped off the plane, I felt… held.

There is an intensity about India. A pulsating, throbbing life force that matched the turmoil inside of me, beat for beat.

And there is also a great sense of peace; a simple, timeless nowness that drew me in and soothed my aching heart. Slowly, but surely, I came back to life. Looking out over the ramparts of an ancient temple in Rajasthan, elephants below me and the dappled sunlight coming through the trees overhead, I smelt the dusty earth and began to believe again.

Yes – there is Magic in this world. Even when it feels like it’s been extinguished, or distorted beyond all recognition. Even when your heart aches and you feel you can’t go on.

Gentle Watermark

My images from that time are a little different to my usual style of work. They are imbued with a deepness and a sense of quiet magic that I wanted so much to share with you.

So I took the leap – I put them “out there”.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 18.05.08

I invite you to explore my new online Art Shop. I offer these images to you just as they are – infused with healing, and able to bring a sense of calm to your home or workspace.

Because Magic will always find a way of getting through to you.

All you have to do is let it in.

To celebrate the launch of the India Collection – and the start of beginning to see myself as an artist! – I’m offering Free Shipping on all UK orders for a limited time only.

I hope you enjoy them!

All my love,

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