About Me

Hi there! I’m Michelle…

…and I believe passionately in entrepreneurs and their ability to create and grow Michelle Wildman - Photographer for Entrepreneurs and Businessespowerful, meaningful businesses that bring good to the world! It’s an honour to help you realise your dreams and build a lifestyle and a business you love.

Over the last three years, I’ve photographed and coached dozens of individuals and small businesses, creating brands and pictures that not only enhance profitability, client retention and brand image, but also inspire and uplift on a personal level.


When I’m Not Working…

On a personal level, I love mucking about with my horsey and doggy friendsphoto 3 (check out my equine photography here!), forests and mountains, Asian food, singing, Game of Thrones, travelling, and anything that involves red wine and/or chocolate!

I live in leafy Godalming in Surrey with my husband Sam, and love to travel all over the UK and beyond, meeting amazing clients and shooting some of the most beautiful places on earth.

To find out more about me, you may like to drop by the blog where I share behind-the-scenes posts from actual shoots and personal stories like Why I Became a Photographer. If you prefer social media, I’m an Instagram fiend, as well as being on Facebook.

Can’t wait to get to meet you!

Love, Chelley.x