Autumn Fun & an Entrepreneur Photoshoot with Gorgeous Yoga & Meditation Coach Vicky Meikle

“You two are going to be the greatest match on earth!” said my coach, as she referred a new client to me.

And, as with so many things in life, Jo turned out to be 100% right!

The first time I chatted to gorgeous yoga instructor and meditation coach Vicky Meikle, I knew we were going to get along like a house on fire.

Photography for Female Entrepreneurs Business Owners

Vicky came to me for photographs as she’d decided to rebrand and upgrade her business, and was in the midst of a website redesign and building some new online yoga programmes.

Before our shoot, we had a fabulous in-depth chat about where she was taking the business, her ideal clients, and the colours, styles and images that appealed to her.

Photography for Yoga Instructors

And arriving at her farm on a glorious Autumnal morning, the photographer inside me made a little leap of joy as I checked out the extensive range of locations available to us. From cosy kitchen, to beautiful garden, to wild fields, the possibilities were endless.

Photography for Female Entrepreneurs Business Owners

As you’ll know from previous posts, I’ve got a huge soft spot for doggy friends, and so my day was made even better by the presence of Vicky’s two gorgeous chocolate labs who kept a watchful eye on us at all times, and tried very hard to be in every picture (cue me trying to bribe them out the way of the camera…).

Entrepreneur Photography

We began by photographing some interiors of Vicky enjoying her favourite healthy smoothies, baked treats and cookery books, before changing outfits and going outside to explore.

Photography for Female Entrepreneurs Business Owners

Shooting in an around her veggie patch, garden and the beautiful fields reaching to the horizon, we then captured a stunning range of images that portray Vicky’s sense of fun, and give her many flexible assets to use on her new website, social media and eCourses.


The day was delightfully rounded off by scoffing the remains of the chocolate and goji berry bars Vicky had baked for the occasion – and lots of snuggles with her dogs before the long drive back home.

It was such a joy of a day, and I can’t wait to see Vicky’s new website and courses come alive with her photos over the coming weeks!


If you’d like to book a shoot tailored especially to you, please get in touch for a no-pressure, fun and friendly chat – I’d love to hear from you!


‘Til next time,

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