Health & Fitness Coach Headshots in London with Nofisa Caseman

It’s always invigorating to work with a female entrepreneur who knows exactly what she wants – and Nofisa Caseman is one such woman!

London Business Photography - Health Fitness Coach
Nofisa is not only a personal trainer, fitness expert and champion of mums who want to feel (and look) amazing… she also has the best pair of lady-guns I’ve ever seen!

Contacting me to commission a set of headshots for her new coaching business, Nofisa was clear about the look and feel she wanted to go for – edgy, urban, empowered and vibrant.

London Entrepreneur Photos Gina Da Vee Photos

With that in mind, we chose the Southbank in London as the location of our shoot, which provided an awesome range of backdrops, including a sunlit roof terrace, graffiti’ed skate park, and stunning views of Big Ben!

London Business Photography - Health Fitness Coach

Nofisa’s wonderful sense of fun and fashion synchronised perfectly with the gorgeous Spring day, and resulted in some truly stunning images to boost her new business and brand!

It was a tonne of fun to work with Nofisa and she certainly inspired me to start working on my bingo wings! 😉

London Entrepreneur Photos Gina Da Vee Photos

If you’d like to co-create a gorgeous set of images that perfectly encapsulate your business, brand and personality, I’d be delighted to have a chat.

Just get in touch for a no-pressure call, where we can brainstorm your ideas (yes, even those big, crazy ones!) and work out what’s right for you.

‘Til next time,

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