Business Strategy Services

Have you got a bit ‘stuck’ in your business?

Do you know something’s not right… but can’t quite put your finger on it?

Have you boxed yourself into a corner with your clients, biz model or services, and can’t see a way out?

Have you lost the juice, the zest, the sparkle?

If any of this rings a bell, I can help.


Business Strategy with Michelle Wildman


You see, alongside invoking and capturing the true essence of a person with my camera,
my superpower is to quickly and intuitively see EXACTLY what’s going on inside a business.

What’s working, what’s holding you back, what can be released, and in which direction the next joyful steps lie.

During the last 12 years, I’ve advised some of the UK’s most prestigious names such as Jimmy Choo and Fortnum & Mason… and I’ve also worked with dozens of solo entrepreneurs, artists, coaches and business owners to help them grow sustainable, enjoyable, successful businesses online.

It doesn’t matter if you’re turning over £5,000,000 a year or £5,000; whether you have a staff of 10,000 or one – at times, we ALL struggle with staying true to our vision, finding the right people to work with and getting out of our own way.


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I’ve developed a knack for being able to point out the blind spots AND the potential in a business, idea or person… quickly and succinctly.

I bring clarity to the complicated, compassion to the conflicted, and support and guidance to the disillusioned.

There’s nothing I love more than sitting down with a good cup of tea (or even a glass of wine if that’s what’s required! 🙂 ) and working through a pile of issues to unearth the gold beneath.


So, if you’re wrestling with problems like:

:: I’ve completely fallen out of love with my business, and I don’t know what to do about it
:: I’m so overwhelmed with new ideas, strategies and services I don’t know where to begin
:: I’m struggling to remember why I even started all of this – where do I fit in here?!
:: I see where I want to get to, but have no clue how to get there…

…then allow me to help. I’ll listen to you, help you remember what you really need and want, and guide you towards a way forward that feels GOOD.


I am not a shouty, hardass coach who’s going to tell you it’s my way or the high way or insist you use a patented ‘system’ to gain results. Likewise, I’m not a spiritual guru who’ll tell you that the only effort you need to put in is to ‘do some visualising’.

My zone of genius lies in being able to marry up the deeply intuitive with the deeply practical.

So, if you’re in need of some clarity and support, get in touch today.



Clean + Clear Intensive
  • Full Day, 121 VIP Intensive
  • Clarify where you are + where you’re going, release anything you no longer need + repurpose your business in line with what you really want
  • Intuitive techniques + practical planning and implementing
  • In Person (travel and/or location fees may apply) or via Skype
  • Add Headshot Photo Experience during the day for £247
Support Sessions
£147 a month
  • 2 x 60 minute sessions per month
  • Choose + execute new business projects + pathways at a pace that suits you, knowing you are guided + supported
  • Regular, ongoing support + accountability
  • Via Skype
Biz Partner
  • Up to 10 hours per week ongoing
  • Share the burden of running your business, streamline + leverage your offerings + receive extensive support
  • The Gold Standard of Support – strategic insights + practical assistance
  • Via Skype / email / in-person

Something else in mind? Need support in another way? Drop me a line and let’s chat! 🙂