What Stage of Business Should I Book My Photoshoot?

I’m often asked “at what stage of my business should I book my photoshoot?”.

The truth is – it depends.

I have some clients who choose to work with me right at the beginning, when they want to get their visibility off to a great start.

I have some who are well underway, rocking their business, but ready to bloom into an upleveled brand or set of offerings that feel more aligned and authentic.

And I have some who are already megastars, and want to take their success to an even higher level.

Business Photography for Coaches Entrepreneurs London
For me, it doesn’t really matter when my clients come to me; or even what business they have. The common factor that unites them all is in fact an awareness.

An awareness that they can’t ignore any longer.

An awareness that they are being asked – by themselves, their clients, and the world around them – to finally step up.

An awareness that now is the time to stop playing small, hiding their true gifts, and denying themselves the things that light them up.

An awareness that the next step involves letting go of procrastination and making excuses… and instead, stepping forward with confidence.

Business Photography for Coaches Entrepreneurs London

In essence, it is a desire to finally BE SEEN.

To be seen in the most authentic, powerful, beautiful way – and in doing so – allow and encourage others to do the same.

This awareness is a pointer I look for in all my conversations with potential clients.  I can see, hear and feel it when it’s present, and when it is, I know we are going to be able to capture some truly magical images!

You see, allowing me to capture you in this space sends a powerful message to yourself, your clients, and the Universe that YOU ARE READY. YOU ARE STEPPING UP. YOU ARE HERE.

Business Photography New Forest

Having amazing photos of you out in the world is a bit like shouting “BRING IT ON!” with joy and excitement from the top of a mountain.

It infuses your business with your true essence, lights up your social media and marketing, and makes you feel amazing.

So I invite you to try it – if you feel the call, drop me a line and let’s start upleveling your business and help you to really SHINE.

All my love,

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